What I wore this summer, 5 days of fashion

Although I do dress up occasionally, my daily uniform is comfy and casual because my whole life is casual. I don’t like uncomfortable clothes, I don’t wear heels, and if I don’t feel comfortable in something I wear, I won’t look good in it too.

Without further ado, let’s see some of my summer looks. Autumn is here (in Europe) but it’s spring in some other parts of the world. And if you are from the United Arab Emirates (hello Dubai) by any chance then you have an amazing weather all year long.

Day 1 – Black with details

My favorite black leather ballet flats worn with fishnet socks

I love long comfy and black summer dresses. They are so versatile pieces. You can add as much as you want jewelry, you can add colors and various accessories. Put on a nice little cardigan or a jean jacket on it’s colder outside and you are ready to go.

Shoes? Sneakers, flats, ballerina shoes, sandales or even heels, it’s up to you. When it comes to black dress, there is no limit in styling it. You can even add a hat!

Day 2 – Colorful Tuesday

For a long time I avoided color and patterns. I don’t know why. But few years back and I rediscovered my love for colorful patterns, flowers, and colors. And I think it looks good on me.

Day 3 – Pink and Stripes

Nothing reminds me more of a summer than stripes. I love that pattern a lot and I really don’t care whether those stripes are horizontal or vertical. It’s all in our heads anyway and you can wear whatever you like. It doesn’t matter who likes you, it only matters that you love yourself.

When I wear a simple dress like this one, I love colorful nail polish and some jewelry. Ok, let’s be honest, I always love to wear jewelry but you know what I mean. Right?

Day 4 – Is it Cranberry or Strawberry?

I love to pair dress like this one with my Converse shoes. It looks so much better to me than when I wear it with sandals, ballet flats or some other type of shoes. The bag I carried is Trussardi Jeans. I bought it this spring and it was the best buy of the whole year. Such a cool and versatile little bag but fits a lot of stuff.

I opted for gold jewelry, of course. I think it goes great with this cranberry colored dress. Few years ago I only wore silver jewelry and white gold. Now I only wear yellow and rose gold. Who knows what I’ll like next year.

Day 5 – Stripes and Biker Shorts

I couldn’t believe when I saw biker shorts back in the stores. Last time I saw them (apart from the sport shops) was back in the 90’s when this piece of wardrobe was very popular. Later, for decades you couldn’t find them for the life of you and now they are back.

At first I thought I’ll never wear them again. But I bought my first pair to go under a very short dress and was instantly hooked, of course. So now, I’m again into biker shorts, have them in many colors and can’t wait summer to wear them again.

This one is super simple combo for friday, hot day and running errands. I can’t describe you how I love to be comfortable and to wear something I like at the same time. Sneakers are my favorite type of footwear. I wear them for the most part of the year. Maybe I should do a post dedicated only to them? Let me know in the comments below.

What is your favorite look?

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