How To Deal With Creative Blocks

Follow these tips next time you are faced with creative block.

Identify the Problem

Next time you get a creative block write down what may be the root of it. Then look for patterns.

Create Quick Fixes

Have a list of quick fixes that you can fall back on when you are in an unproductive mood.

Optimize Your Productive Hours

When are you most productive? Reserve that time for projects that require deep concentration. When are you the least focused? Reserve that time for simpler tasks like checking email.

Have Systems in Place

Some of my systems include waking up at the same time everyday, working in spurts of 25 minutes, and having a design community that I can call upon for feedback. What are yours?

Trust that it’s Part of the Process

Every creative goes through this. Have faith in yourself and trust that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


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